Premium Services

The SINDIDA Group and its affiliated partner companies offer our discerning customers, who bought a property through our affiliated partners, the perfect premium service in terms of reconstruction, interior design, property maintenance and property monitoring.

We believe your home is one of your most valuable assets and requires the utmost care and attention from a trusted team who is knowledgeable and experienced in architecture, interior design, construction supervision and home management.

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Sindida Group

Architectural services

The approach of SINDIDA Architects is strongly linked to a Mediterranean context: climate, culture, history. Each architectural design that is created respects the physical boundaries of a home or apartment in relation to its surroundings, making each project totally unique.

The services of the SINDIDA partners are mainly focused on the renovation of houses, apartments and villas on the west coast of Istria and its hinterland.

Attention and perfectionism are the most important qualities for our architects. Quality and details are part of the strength. At SINDIDA we have a strong and demanding vision to offer the most personalized services for your property in Rovinj and to meet all your desires.

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Sindida Group

Interior Design

The SINDIDA interior design partners design and manufacture tailor-made luxury kitchens and furniture for your property in Rovinj.

Every day, the SINDIDA partners are committed to combining creativity with the latest technology and the best raw materials to create prestigious and elegant interior design projects.

The Italian production allows us to create unique compositions that amaze and are lived with style and elegance. For us, interior design means making every home exceptional.

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Sindida Group

Construction services

Our SINDIDA  property management agency team together with our construction and renovation partner closely monitors whether contractors are honoring agreements and whether construction is progressing according to plan. The site manager is also present at the consultations between clients, architects, contractors and suppliers.

Contact with the architect is maintained and clear communication prevents misunderstandings and possible mistakes.

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Sindida Group

Property management

SINDIDA has built a network of professional connections to provide a seamless service routed through us. This offers you a simplified service for all your property needs including property reviews, buildings, maintenance, plumbing, electrical, gardening, pools, cleaning, looking after your holiday guests and coordinating bookings.


Monthly we make visits to your home to ensure the general upkeep of your home is maintained.


Depending on the alarm system you use and your system provider, as the key holder, we are the first point of contact when your alarm goes off.

Seasonal maintenance

From spring cleaning to closing at the end of the season and everything in between, we make sure your home is ready for all seasons.

Storm controls

Although Istria is known for its beautiful climate, from time to time we experience the infamous “Bura” and occasional thunderstorms. We ensure that minor damage that goes unnoticed does not develop into a serious problem.

Quarterly reports

Each quarter we produce a report detailing all the activities related to the management of your property during that period.

Be inspired by a unique living experience

SINDIDA offers you premium service in all matters relating to your property. Our goal is to build a relationship with you and understand your needs. To this end, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your property and your individual situation and requirements.

Feel free to contact us for a more detailed approach.