Purchase process

SINDIDA ensures that the handling of your project or your real estate purchase is accompanied by the most renowned law firm in Rovinj, of course in German. We can also provide financing advice and comprehensive tax advice on request.

Purchase offers are submitted exclusively by licensed real estate agents.

Partner companies selected and audited by the SINDIDA Group are familiar with Croatian real estate and commercial law and have all the necessary licenses and insurances.

Personal support and advice from the SINDIDA Group is of course provided in German or English.

The process


What follows is a simplified explanation on the real estate purchase process in Croatia. The contents of the contract of purchase and sale is adapted to the circumstances of each purchase and sale separately, and legal expertise and flexibility is guaranteed to the contracting parties during the whole procedure of purchase and sale, until the registration of the right of ownership in favor of the buyer.


The ancillary acquisition costs are made up as follows: 

Property transfer tax = 3% of the purchase price.
Broker commission = 3% plus statutory VAT
Legal fees = approx. 1-2% of the purchase price

For customers of the SINDIDA Group there are no additional costs for the entry in the land register or notary costs.


Foreigners can acquire ownership of real estate subject to the conditions provided by law. Natural or legal persons from the European Union can acquire property in Croatia under the same conditions as Croatian natural or legal persons. 

Different regulations apply to agricultural and forestry areas, forests and nature reserves. 

Buying a property in Croatia can basically be done in two different ways: 

1.) As a foreign natural or legal person 


2.) As a Croatian legal entity. 

As a foreign individual or foreign legal entity in Croatia, you need a tax number to buy real estate in Croatia. The so-called OIB number. The lawyers provided by the SINDIDA Group take care of the issuance of the OIB by the responsible tax office within 48 hours. 

After the OIB number has been issued, it is possible to conclude a sales contract with the seller and to have the seller’s signature notarized by a notary.

The purchase agreement

According to Croatian law, all prices in sales contracts must be in kuna and not in euros. However, for the sake of simplicity, the prices on the website of SINDIDA and its partners are given in euros. As a rule, the so-called average exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank is used as the exchange rate. 

It is common practice in Croatia to conclude a so-called preliminary contract before the actual purchase contract. These contracts usually provide for a “kapara” (deposit) of 10% of the total purchase price. The deposit will be deducted from the purchase price. If the buyer withdraws from the purchase contract without justification, the seller is entitled to retain the “Kapara”. If the seller refuses to conclude the purchase contract without reason, the buyer has the right to demand from the seller of the property twice the amount of the “kapara” paid. 

This preliminary contract replaces, for example, the construct of the “Priority Notice” that exists in Germany and enables the seller to fulfill any additional obligations that may be required (e.g. cancellation of mortgages, etc.) 

In order to secure the deposit, it is advisable to have an “escrow account” set up by the supervising lawyer. If this down payment is handed over to the seller, double the amount will be entered as a mortgage on the property/property to secure the down payment. 

The registration permit for the property will be authenticated with the deed of sale and the registration permit will be deposited with the notary. 

The registration permit is issued by the notary and foreign natural or legal persons can register as owners. 

The purchase contract is subject to the written form requirement. Nevertheless and, for example, deviating from German law, only the signature of the seller has to be notarized. For you, this means that no additional journey is necessary to sign the purchase contract.

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